Leaflet Delivery Top Tips

If you’re a commercial enterprise thinking about leaflet distribution then consider the following points before you go any further.

Which way up?

Remember leaflets can land either way up on a doorstep. Do consider ensuring that both sides are selling your message, rather than a potential customer looking at a blank side. This says nothing about your product or service.

Try before you buy

Test your proposed leaflet, both for size, and paper quality – try it through your own letterbox. Does it ‘scrunch’ up, making your message unreadable and presenting your company, product, or service in a poor light? It will be worthwhile spending a bit more to ensure you have the best presentation. This will ensure a better response.

Be creative

Your leaflet has to interest its recipient immediately or your message will not be read. Use good quality photographs. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Where possible – use maps to highlight your location. Use easy to read typefaces. Don’t over mix typefaces and fonts. Don’t overcrowd the space available, remember it has to be easily read and understood in quite a short space of time.

Feel the Force

Have you put a phone number on your leaflet?  Make sure that there is someone to answer it!  You’ll probably not get another chance to secure that response – so be there when that phone rings!! Have as many contact points as possible – mobile number and e mail are well worth considering. Also ensure that you can handle the response. There’s nothing worse than an unhappy customer, except of course no customer at all.  Being unprepared will ensure you get both!

Go Local

Use a distribution company that is locally based. They know the local geography and will be able to help you plan the best campaign for your delivery.

 Reputation counts

Use a reputable ‘local’ company.  You want your delivery to go through every letterbox, tenements included, and not discarded in the doorway where it will be trampled underfoot and give a wholly negative image of your company as well as becoming a litter nuisance, not to say potential fire hazard.  Get testimonials and references from your distribution company.  Better still get – doortodoordelivery.co.uk